Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are a vital component of maintaining your oral health, offered at Dental Care of Muskogee. They are crucial in the early detection of oral cancer, a condition that can be life-threatening if not identified and treated promptly.

Oral cancer screenings are recommended for all adults, especially if you have certain risk factors such as a history of tobacco or alcohol use, a family history of oral cancer or prolonged exposure to sunlight. Additionally, if you notice any unusual changes in your mouth, such as persistent sores, lumps or discolorations, it is advisable to seek an oral cancer screening as soon as possible. Regular screenings are also a part of preventive dental care and should be scheduled during your routine dental check-ups with our dentist.

During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Roger Richter will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth, checking for any abnormal signs or symptoms. This may include examining your lips, tongue, gums, throat and the lining of your cheeks. The process is painless and typically takes only a few minutes, providing you with peace of mind about your oral health.

Early detection can lead to successful treatment and higher survival rates. It offers a chance to identify potential issues before they become more serious and require more invasive treatments. Moreover, regular screenings promote proactive oral care, supporting your overall health and well-being. By prioritizing your oral cancer screening in Muskogee, Oklahoma, you are taking a significant step toward ensuring a healthier, happier future. Call us at 918-682-5518 to schedule your screening today.

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